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Xenomarine Beta Launched
Xenomarine is now at Beta! The game is now complete in terms of having all the content and features originally planned (as well as a whole lot that was not orig...
Alpha 5 released!
Xenomarine is now nearing completion! With Alpha 5 there is now a full complement of weapons and mobs (139 alien species plus 7 base types of turrets and drones...
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Alpha 4 released!
Alpha 4 is now available, featuring 40 new alien types, and fully destructible environment Full changelog is available here , but here are a few of my favourite...
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Alpha 3 released and on sale!
Alpha 3 is here, featuring a new game mode, new drone types, new item types and loads of bugfixes - and is now on sale for 2 weeks at 20% discount!
Alpha 2 released!
The second Alpha version of Xenomarine is now available to download below. Alpha 2 finally removes the level cap of previous releases, meaning there are now inf...
Xenomarine Alpha 1 Released!
It’s official: the Xenomarine Alpha is now out on , after more than two years in active development! In case you haven’t seen it yet, or want a gene...