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NEWS (10 June 2017):

ALPHA LAUNCHED! The first Alpha version of Xenomarine is now available to download below, with  15 randomly generated levels and masses of new weapons, items and enemy types.


XENOMARINE is a sci-fi-horror themed roguelike in which you play a space marine exploring a dark alien-infested space station. You start out with nothing but a crowbar, a torch running low on battery and some battered armor...and high hopes of finding some powerful alien tech!

(Just in case you don't know what a roguelike is, think: top-down, turn-based rpg with randomly generated levels that are different each time you play. Oh yea, and when you die, you die - no saved games!)

See the game website for more info and the development blog for details of recent updates, or follow Xenomarine on Twitter


  • Classic turn-based gameplay with lots of strategic depth
  • Infinite, randomly generated levels (15 in Alpha)
  • Atmospheric 3D lighting 
  • Unique useable items such as scanners, stimpacks and directional forcefields
  • Over 150 unique enemy types (80 in Alpha)
  • Over 70 learnable skill upgrades
  • Multiple damage types and status effects
  • Crafting (craft items from scrap and upgrade weapons and armor)
  • Hack drones; deploy traps; use alien tech
  • Intuitive user interface, with mouse-only and keyboard-only support
  • Realistic sci-fi sounds including randomly generated atmosphere sounds


XENOMARINE is currently in development, but is available to download in two different versions.

The recently released ALPHA version has 15 levels and enough content and replayability that it could be seen as a finished game: a good run can easily take upwards of 3 hours, and the hallmark of roguelikes is replayability, adding up to many, many hours of gameplay!

However, another hallmark of roguelikes is wealth of detailed content, and there is still loads more to add (new levels, aliens, items, weapons and other features). In terms of such content I'd say the ALPHA is about 50% complete.

There is also a free DEMO version, consisting of the first 3 levels of the Alpha, making it a fun, playable minigame.

The Full game is expected to be released in late 2017/early 2018, first on PC, Mac and Linux, followed by iPad and tablet versions. Buyers of the Alpha will of course get free access to any further updates, including the full game itself when it is released (NB it is currently planned that the full game will have a higher price than the Alpha).


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Xenomarine Mac Demo 2.3 (3 levels) 36 MB
Xenomarine Linux Demo 2.3 (3 levels) 46 MB
Xenomarine PC Demo 2.3.zip (3 levels) 32 MB
Xenomarine Mac Alpha 1 (15 levels) 36 MB if you pay £7.99 GBP or more
Xenomarine Linux Alpha 1 (15 levels) 46 MB if you pay £7.99 GBP or more
Xenomarine PC Alpha 1 (15 levels) 32 MB if you pay £7.99 GBP or more

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