Alpha 2 released!

The second Alpha version of Xenomarine is now available to download below. Alpha 2 finally removes the level cap of previous releases, meaning there are now infinitely many levels containing increasingly deadly aliens. Other new features in Alpha 2 inlude randomly generated miniquests, 27 unlockable achievements, and 21 new item/armor/weapon types.

For more details check out the full changelog or the Xenomarine subreddit


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How do i get Alpha 2 when Alpha 1 is already installed ? There is no auto-update it seems, as the game miniature says "Alpha 1".

As i did a preview of pre-Alpha 1, played some Alpha 1 and was waiting for Alpha 2 to update my article with a more consistent game.


Sorry, I had just forgotten to update the itch miniature to read Alpha 2, which I have now done. NB the version number is shown on the splash screen so you can check you have the right version after launching. But let me know if you have any problems.

FYI, I aim to release the Steam version in the next few weeks - release schedule partly depends on whether I decide to add permaprogression, as I guess a good chunk of the Steam audience may agree with you about that!


Thanks, there may be an issue with itchio's links somewhere, then. 

When i install and launch from itchio client, i get the demo 2.4 Linux.

When i follow the link you've sent to my email, i can download Alpha2 Linux.

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Any news on this ? My local folder only has linux demo, and an osx folder with Linux demo on it too. From itchio client, or if i go to my itchio page on Firefox, i cannot DL the alpha, only the demo.

But, if i use the link provided in our email, i can then DL the Alpha.